Hitchin Post RV Park Pet Rules
  1. Pets are defined as domestic dogs, cats, and birds. Farm animals, e.g. chickens, pigs, etc are not considered as pets and are not allowed within the resort.
  2. Owners are legally responsible for their pets and injury or loss caused by their pets.
  3. Only two (2) pets are allowed per site. Possible third pet with Management approval only. $15 per Pet for monthly guest.
  4. All guest with pets (dogs) must use the dog runs for their pet’s waste functions and waste must be picked up immediately. Sites, streets, or any common area are in the Resort including gravel covered areas are not to be used as pet waste areas.

  5. Failure to comply will result in a fine of $25.00 per occurrence assessed against the offending guest and potential eviction from the resort if the offences continue. Pet fences may not be higher than three feet in height and not exceed 64 square feet in area. Pets may not be left unattended in a pet enclosure and must be accompanied by a guest while in the enclosure.

  6. Wildlife such as pigeons or birds, are not pets and may not be fed at any time.
  7. Pets must be leashed or penned and with the pet owner at all times while outside of the owner’s RV.
  8. Retractable leashes are OK but leashes may have no more than a six (6) foot lead.
  9. Dogs must be accompanied by owners and under voice command/control at all times inside the Resort and/or the Pet Park.
  10. Noisy and/or vicious pets are prohibited in the Resort. Dogs that are aggressive are not allowed in the Resort or Pet Park. Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes are prohibited in the RV Park and Pet Park. Other type of breeds not mentioned, may also be prohibited. Please call to verify if your breed is allowed in the Park.
  11. Uncontrolled barking, at any time, inside or outside the RV, is prohibited.
  12. Pet droppings must be picked up by the pet owners immediately and deposited in trash receptacles. This includes pet droppings inside pet fences.
  13. Pets are not allowed on or in the golf putting course, Laundry facilities , fitness center, showers, restrooms or pool areas. Service animals are exempt.
  14. The RV Park is not responsible for injuries to dogs, their owners, or others using the RV Park or Pet Park. Respect other visitors, both human and canine, by keeping your dog from jumping on or interfering with other people or their pets.
  15. No dog food or dog treats are allowed in the Pet Park.
  16. An individual guest may bring no more than two (2) dogs to the Pet Park at any one time.
  17. An adult must accompany children under 12 years of age when entering the Pet Park or dog runs. Children 5 years of age and under are not allowed in any fenced in, off-leash, area.
  18. Do not allow your dog to dig holes in the RV Park or Pet Park.
  19. Pet blankets, pillows, mats, or similar items may not be laundered in the Park laundry rooms.

Clark County Ordinance 10.08.130: No person shall keep more than three dogs over three months of age, nor more than three cats over three months of age, at one place, or on any premise, or in any one residence located within the jurisdiction of the county without a pet fancier’s permit.









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